Time Line Scroll of God’s Plan for Man © 1999 Time Line Scroll of God’s Plan for Man © 1999 For more than thirty years, the author believed that the creation of the universe, with all it's laws of physics and increased scientific discoveries, must be compatible with the inspired word of God. Concurrently, science and theology are in contentious debate, each defending the "infallibility" of their own point of view. It is this ill-founded debate that started a search to show that science and scripture explicitly support each other. Some years ago, the author's daughter became co-author in this investigation by recognizing the same concept.  She added her study and computer skills to the task.  The authors together started digging and unearthed a correlation between the scriptural word of God and the ever-solidifying discoveries of science and logic.  "The Timeline Scroll of God's Plan for Man" began to unroll. Copyright © 1999 Questions? Comments? scrollthebible@timelinescroll.com *Please type “Timeline” in subject line.*