A pure lamb sacrificed to defeat death was God’s love for man, and God through Christ (Immanuel) became flesh. Christ established the church (called out ones) and was crucified for our sins, and at a time appointed will return to rule His kingdom. Time Line Scroll of God’s Plan for Man © 1999 Shows how the Kingdom of Heaven is. Mat 13:24 God made Adam and Eve in His own image. The seed produced will be in His own image. Mat 13:24,37-38 Christ planted Israel Luk 20:9, Isa 5:7 Christ planted Israel and let certain tribes of Israel set and govern this vineyard. Luk 20:9, Isa 5:7 Prophets were sent. They were not heard and beaten. Luk 20:10-12 Christ was sent and crucified because the husbandman wanted to wrongfully rule the vineyard. Luk 20:13-15 Those who do not follow Christ shall be crushed. The “stone” (Christ) was rejected but is the Lord of all. Psa 118:22-23, Luk 20:16-18 REFERENCE STONE Satan came and produced offspring with Eve of his own image. This was Cain. REFERENCE CAIN Mat 13:25,38-39 This is not introduced as a parable. Rich man clothed as a wealthy religious person. Luk 16:19 Why do you speak in parables? Mat 13:10-13, Luk 8:9-10, Mar 4:10-12 Angels of God were asked to wait until the time of the harvest before gathering and burning the tares. Mat 13:27-30,39 The seventh trumpet is the time of the harvest. The children of God shall be gathered into heaven. The tares will be bound in bundles to be cast in the lake of fire at the second death with their ashes burning forever. Mat 13:30,39-43 REFERENCE CAUGHT UP The Wicked Vinedressers The Wedding Feast The Kingdom of Heaven is God preparing a marriage for His Son Jesus with the chaste virgin (His followers).  Mat 22:2, II Co 11:2-4, Rev 19:7-9, 21:2 Most of the house of Israel that was to be married went their own way to be destroyed. Those that are the seed of Adam and chose Christ took part in the wedding feast. Those that tried to make it another way than through the way of Christ had their second death. Mat 22:5-14, Gal 3:26-29, Rev 20:6-15 REFERENCE DEATH (SECOND) Before the day of the Lord takes place, God’s people will be invited to His feast. On the day of the Lord, the people that persecuted God’s servants will be destroyed as a sacrifice. All of God’s people will be present with Him. Mat 22:5-14, Zep 1:7-9 The Wise and Foolish Virgins Showing how the Kingdom of Heaven is. Kingdom is compared with ten virgins and took their light (truth) to wait for Christ. Mat 25:1 Five were wise and prepared themselves for Christ’s coming. II Ti 2:15 Five were not prepared. Mat 25:5 Christ was away until the time of the harvest. Mat 25:5 The door was shut on those not preparing themselves for His coming. These will be left for God’s wrath after the seventh trump. Mat 25:6 The Rich Man and Lazarus The beggar was accepted into Abraham’s bosom upon the death of the flesh and the rich man went to the other side of the gulf separated from God awaiting the Day of Judgment. Luk 16:22-26, Rev 20:12-15 All have been forewarned of the consequences of being separated from God through prophets and Christ. Luk 16:27-31 The Fig Tree A nation is not born in a day (Isa 66:8), but the strength of the fig tree (Joe 2:22) and the signs of the fig tree can be seen by the signs shown in Mat 24, Mar 13, Luk 21 and Jer 24. Israel is represented as a fig tree (Israel). Hos 9:10, Joe 1:7, 2:22-23 and when the fruit is ripe and the harvest time has come, Christ will return to gather the wheat and tares. Mat 13. See Parable of the Wheat and the Tares The represented fig tree became a nation in the land that was promised to Abraham and his descendants after approx. 2000 years on May 15, 1948. Eze 37, Isa 66:8 The Wheat and the Tares Go Back Prophecy Theme