Biblical and Historical  Three Earth Ages  Heaven and Earth Heaven Earth What is it? A world that consists of atoms, molecules, matter, time, etc… Consists of health and sickness, well-being and pain, life and death, gender and reproduction, fullness and hunger, laughter and tears… (Ecc 3). A world that consists of light, energy, eternity, etc… No sickness, no sorrow, no pain, no death (Jhn 3:16, 10:28, 11:26, 17:2-3,Luk 20:36,Rev 21:4), no gender, no reproduction (Mat 22:30, Luk 20:35), no hunger, no thirst (Rev 7:16), no tears (Rev 7:17, 21:4), unimaginable wonders... (Isa 64:4, Luk 19:12-26, Mat 25:34) Who dwells there?        Sentient physical individuals that are born through women. They contain a mind, a soul, and a spirit (REFERENCE BREATH). Other physical life forms that do not contain a spirit (i.e. animals, plants, bacteria).         Sons of God which includes angels (Gen 28:12, Job 1:6, 2:1, 38:7, Mat 18:10) and formerly physical individuals that have a reborn spirit Jhn 1:12-13, 3:3-7, 14:2-3, Luk 24:39, Mat 25:34. For a time, Satan can also dwell there Job 1:6, 2:1, Rev 12:9. Who doesn’t dwell there?       Creations of God that were not made from the elements in this physical world (I.e. Angels).        Those that do not have a reborn spirit. And those that choose not to know The Good Creator. Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. Jhn 3:5-8,  I Co 15:50, Gal 5:21. How do we get there?        To be born via physical means containing the map of who we are (DNA), the soul, and the spirit (which is transferred through the DNA). REFERENCE ADAMIC THEME         Continually knowing the Son of God is the path, truth, light and life. He has been given all judgment and authority by God Jhn 1, 3:16, 5:26-27, 11:25. What happens going from one world to another? 1. Those that know God, have a reborn spirit and have passed from death to life (Jhn 5:24). When the flesh dies, the soul and spirit are present with God (Ecc  12:7). 2. Those that have made conscious thoughts of the source of Good (which is God) will be raised at the last day. Mal 3:16-18, Jhn 11:24, I Co. 15:52 3. Those that have made conscious thoughts against the source of Good will be eternally apart from God. These individuals have worshiped the beast, worshiped the image of the beast, and has the mark of the name of the beast. Rev 19:20-21 4. The rest of the dead will be judged by their works by the One who has been given ultimate judgment and authority (the Son of God) Eze 18, Jhn 5: 28-30, Rev 20:12-15, Rev 22:12. Why are there two worlds? There is the thesis (good) and antithesis (evil). Both must exist in order for either to exist (Isa 45:7) First they exist together. When the time is right, the good and the evil will be separated for an eternity (Mat 25:31-46).