To establish credibility, warning and opportunity God revealed through the prophets the events that would come upon man through time. Much of this prophecy was directed to the last generation before the return of Christ. That time has come. 1995 AD Time Line Scroll of God’s Plan for Man © 1999 Knowledge Increased. Dan 12:4 May 7, 2000: A seven planet alignment of Mercury, Venus, Moon, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This is called the Jewish Menorah of Heaven as stated in Josephus Book 3. April 3, 1996: Lunar Eclipse on the Feast of the Trumpets during Passover March 23, 1997: 92% Eclipse on Palm Sunday March 30, 1997: The day “Hale-Bopp” the comet comes its closest to Earth. This is the first time “Hale-Bopp” appears since 4,000 years ago, about the time of the flood (2200BC). Gen 7, Mat 24:37 Dead Sea Scroll called the Son of God Scroll (50BC - 50AD) “...Like the appearance of comets so shall be their kingdom” April 22, 1997: A very large meteor shower on Feast of Lights. April 22-23, 1997: “Hale-Bopp” passes through Orion.”Seek Him that maketh the seven stars and Orion and turneth the shadow of death into the morning.” Amo 5:8 December 24, 1997: Debris from “Hale- Bopp” seen on Hanukkah April 15, 1995: Lunar Eclipse on Passover Around September 23, 1999: Moon is closest to Virgo’s feet and in Sun’s path. Rev 12:1-2. Virgo is one of the oldest recognized constellations. Only female figure of stars. Sun spends more time in Virgo than any other constellation. Enter Sept. 21st and leaves Nov. 1st. Wonders Hubble Telescope Landing on the Moon Space Exploration Satellite Communications Signs to look for so we will not be taken as a thief or be deceived about Christ’s return Signs and Wonders This uncommon sequence of heavenly signs may be a prophetic portent of coming events. People running to and fro. Dan 12:4 Seas and waves roaring. Luk 21:25 Earthquakes. Mat 24:7, Mar 13:8, Luk 21:11 Men lovers of self, wicked and scoffers of the Truth. II Tim 3:1-5, II Pet :3-7 False since of Peace and Safety. I Th 5:3 Some depart from the true faith. I Tim 4:1 What church are you in? Ephesus: Labor is good, but do not leave love. Rev 2:1-7 Pergamos: Hold Jesus’ name but compromise those things not of God. Rev 2:12-17 Sardis: Thought to be Christians but does not learn and watch for the signs given of Christ’s return. Rev 3:1-6 Laodiceans: Try to live in both worlds. Rev 3:14-22 Smyrna: Know the synagogue of Satan. They will be tried and persecuted but rewarded for their endurance. Rev 2:8-11 Thyatira: Allow things knowingly not of God to teach others making them think it is of God. This represents characteristics of the end time religious system. Rev 2:18-29 Philadelphia: Those who have kept the word and stood fast without turning their back on the Lord. Rev 3:7-13 Hamon Gog War Eze 38-39, Joe 1-2:20 Sixth Seal: Rev 6:12-17, Zec 1:20-21 Zec 12 Islam nations come against Israel. Israel demolishes Damascus. Isa 17:1 Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United States, and other democratic countries are taken by surprise. Eze 38:13 REFERENCE COUNTRIES It will take seven months to bury the dead. Therefore they will call it the Valley of Hamon Gog. Eze 39:11-16, Amo 1:1-6, Joe 2:20 REFERENCE FINAL SHABUA The fig tree yields it’s strength. Joe 2:22 See Parable of the Fig Tree in “Christ’s Theme” The Antichrist comes peaceably to confirm an agreement to stop the bloodshed. The temple is agreed to be built along side of the Dome of the Rock. The sacrifices are allowed to begin again. From this point it will be 1290 days until the abomination of desolation and 1335 days until all those in Christ are changed. Daniel 12, I Cor 15:52, II Th 2, Rev 11:1-2 The deceiving flood of a religious beast that is not of God. II Th 2:5-12, Rev 12:15, Daniel 9:26, Mat 24:23- 28, I Th 5:1-4. He is given this power for forty-two months. Rev 13:4-5 Many will come to the knowledge of God after this war to be sealed with the knowledge of God in preparation for the tribulation of the anti-Christ. Rev 7 Go Back Prophecy Theme Part 3