To establish credibility, warning and opportunity God revealed through the prophets the events that would come upon man through time. Much of this prophecy was directed to the last generation before the return of Christ. That time has come. Time Line Scroll of God’s Plan for Man © 1999 Trumpet 1: 1/3 of trees burned and all green grass. Rev 8:7 These could be natural phenomenon and/or effects of all out war. The kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitors of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. Rev 17:2 A great whore that sitteth upon many waters. Rev 17:1 A church on a scarlet (religious) system. The political and religious system has had seven kings from the Roman Empire on history and the religious system will have it's future power from ten nations. Rev 17:3 The religious system is arrayed in purple scarlet colors. Has much wealth for a religious system. Rev 17:4 The religious system is known as a system of confusion (Babylon) and holds many abominations that seem religious. Rev 17:5 The dragon gives power to the beast coming out of the sea. Rev 13:11-18 The dragon is Satan. Rev 20:2 The religious system is responsible for killing many of God's true saints and followers of Christ. The religious system is admired for her wealth and wonder. This according to Matt 24 happened before the earthly signs during the Holocaust and will happen for a short time just after the antichrist proclaims himself as God. Rev 17:6 Those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads will wonder after this religious system. Rev 17:8 The religious system is also a city that reigns over kings of the earth with political influence as well as a religious influence and is on seven hills (Ex. The Vatican is on seven hill and is a religious city.) Rev 17:18 The religious system does not relate itself as dependent on Christ for salvation but in it's own accomplishments. Rev 18:7 Power is mighty but is not his own. Dan 8:24 By peace shall destroy many. Dan 8:25  He shall exalt himself above all that is called God. II Th 2:4 Trumpet 2: Great mountain in sea and 1/3 of sea life and ships were destroyed. Rev 8:8-9 Trumpet 3: Great star fell from heaven. 1/3 of waters made bitter and many died from the waters. Rev 8:10-11 Trumpet 4: 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars were darkened. Rev 8:12 Sons and daughters shall prophecy. God's spirit will be poured out. Joe 2:28-32, Act 2:17-18, Eze 38:23, Eze 39:29, Rev 7 The two witnesses are teaching the true word of the Lord. Given power to cause no rain for 1260 days. Rev 11:3-6, Zec 4:14 The third temple will be built excluding the outer court. The outer court is given to the Gentiles. The Dome of the Rock, Holy of Holies and inner court will stand. Rev 11:1-2, Zec 1:16,2 This is done soon after the peace treaty is signed. Israel will be restored. Joe 2:18-27  REFERENCE FINAL SHABUA Trumpets 1 - 4 The Rise of the political/religious system. Gets power from the dragon. Rev 13:4 Religious leader of a religious system that is a city (Ref. "Church History" Halley's Bible Handbook). Peace agreement confirmed for 7 years by this prince to come. Daniel 9:26-27 REFERENCE BEAST Go Back Prophecy Theme Part 4