To establish credibility, warning and opportunity God revealed through the prophets the events that would come upon man through time. Much of this prophecy was directed to the last generation before the return of Christ. That time has come. Time Line Scroll of God’s Plan for Man © 1999 The Abomination of Desolation will stand in the holy place perform wonders and proclaim himself as God. The abomination of desolation is placed.  Dan 9:27, Mat 24:15, II Th 2:3-4, Isa 14:14 6th Trumpet and 2nd woe: Large armies come with tanks and other weaponry and kill 1/3 of men. Revelation 9:13-21  God's people fight back against Babylon. This includes a country far off and those that took part in the religious systems fornication. Isa 13:1-11 Persecution of those who stand for the true God. Rev 12:17, 2:10, Joe 2 In the middle of the 7 years, the peace treaty is broken.  The antichrist shall cause the abomination of desolation and stop the sacrifices. Dan 9:27, Luk 21:20-24 Pray that your flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath  or that you are with child. Mat 24:15-22, Luk 21:23, Mar 13:17-19 (This could be in reference to the antichrist's hour of temptation to follow him at a time that is on a religious holiday such as the Passover or Christian observed holiday that falls on a Sabbath during the winter.) Hour of Temptation. Rev 3:10,13:12-18,17:12 Many will choose the antichrist's coming as Christ's coming. Mat 24:4-5, Mar 13:5-6, Luk 21:8, Eze 13 This is the last time Christ warns to leave Jerusalem and flee to the mountains. This tribulation is meant for those that do not know the Lord. Mat 24:15-21, Mar 13:14-20, Luk 21:20-24 5th Trumpet and 1st woe: Those who do not know the true God and follow the antichrist will not know to leave Jerusalem when armies are surrounded around it.  Luk 21:20-24, Zep 1:15-18 There will be torment for five months for these people. Rev 9:1-11, Zep 1-2 Captives of Jerusalem and Judah shall be taken and many of their possessions. Luk 21:24, Zep 1:13, Zec 14:2 Tormented five months Rev 9:5 Power given to hurt men five months. Rev 9:10 Star falls (Satan comes to Earth) Rev 9:1-2, (12:9-12) Persecution for the true followers of God after the abomination of desolation is placed. Blessed is he who waits the tribulations of 1335 days from the time the daily sacrifices are set up. Dan 12:11 The last (seventh) trump is about to sound. Rev 10:7  The two witnesses are destroyed by the beast (political/religious system) and left to lie for 3 1/2 days. Rev 11:7-11 The witnesses will rise after 3 1/2 days and ascend into heaven. A large earthquake happens in the same hour right before the seventh trump (3rd woe). Rev 11:11-14  Those who endure to the end will be saved. Up until the day of the Lord, anyone who "calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Joe 2:32  144,000 are redeemed. These are the laborers sealed with the truth for the Harvest. Parable of Wheat and Tares Rev 7,14:1-5, Mat 9:37-38, Luk 10:2  Babylon falls: The great city will be desolate. Rev 14:8, Joe 3:7-12, Dan 7:26, 11:40-45, Jer 51, Zep 2:13-15 Go Back Prophecy Theme Part 5